Exclusive Cover Art & Video Service For Your Music Release.

Browse through our exclusive premade cover art collection and find the perfect unused artwork for your next single, mixtape, album, or project. Turnaround time is 24 hours delivered to your email inbox.

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Top graphic designers right at your fingertips. Select a designer and explore the cover art that they currently have available for sale.

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Why choose premade exclusive cover art?

Our premade exclusive cover art collection is full of original high quality unused premade cover art ready that is ready for your music. 

What makes our exclusive collection special is that all our exclusive artwork is 1 of 1.

Once your artwork is delivered you will be the only one in the world who has artwork made from that specific premade template. 

All Exclusive cover art is only sold one time to one artist so you can shop confidently knowing you will be the only one with your artwork! 

 Cover art, album art & motion videos are delivered by our team of professional graphic designers. 

Benefits of using exclusive cover artwork for your music.

Meets all the requirements for all major  streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, & YouTube Music. 

High quality templates designed by the top graphic designers in the industry.

All additional add-on's are available for your artwork, whether you need a matching youtube video, flyer, merch design, motion graphic or spotify canvas we can use your existing template to create the graphics you need.

What DSGFX Is About?

Premium cover art & digital assets for your music release.

We work hard to make sure we can provide you with premium cover art, beats, and digital assets for your music releases. Whether you are looking for an album artwork, spotify canvas, beat, or motion graphic to promote your music you can count on DSGFX to have a premium option available for you.

Premium service.

Here at DontSleepGFX we take pride in maintaning a high quality graphic design & digital asset service that artists can rely on to release their music. Here we make our standard to deliver all orders with accuracy and precision.

Top graphic designers.

We understand that when it comes to your music you want to work with the best of the best, especially when that comes to graphic designers who create your artwork. At DSGFX we are always looking for talented graphic designers worldwide to connect you with so that you can access their artwork and also network with them and build connections.

Service perfect for rappers.

Our service is perfect for rappers looking for unused mixtape cover art. Rappers can be certain if they shop for Exclusive unused rap cover art from Dontsleepgfx they'll get the most bang for their buck. Unused album cover art can also be used for singles. 

These are some popular questions people have about cover art.

What is meant by cover art?

Cover art is artwork created for a commercial release of music in any medium. The artwork can be created by the artist or musician or an outside professional like us, dontsleepgfx.com. The dimensions of the art are typically a square at 3000x3000 pixels. Cover art is placed on the front of the release as an identifier and marketing tool. The art can be anything from a simple illustration to a photograph to a collage. You can also get cover art as a motion graphic or even an animation. The platforms that accepts cover art as an identifier for music are typically digital stores like iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music. The digital formats platforms accept are usually .JPG, and .PNG.

How do you make cover art? 

Our graphic design team and professional partners uses various tools to make our cover art come to life. They use Adobe tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to design their artwork. We'll also use Canva to create our DIY templates. If they're working on animations, they use Adobe After Effects to turn their artwork into a moving image.

Where can I get cover art for my music?

You can get cover art from a premade website like us Dontsleepgfx, we can design it for you or you can choose a DIY template and make it on your phone with an app like Canva. You can also take photos of your own and make it into a cover art, and lastly you can also use AI Tools as well such as Dalle-2 and Stable Diffusion to generate cover art for your music release. 

Can I sell album cover art on your website?

Yes, if you're interested in lising your cover art for sale, please contact us at info@dontsleepgfx.com 

How much does cover art cost? 

Cover art can cost between $10 - $35 if you're interested in a Canva Template, non-exclusive cover art can cost between $25 - $60 and exclusive unused cover art prices start $100+.


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