What DSGFX Is About?

Premium cover art & digital assets for your music release.

We work hard to make sure we can provide you with premium cover art, beats, and digital assets for your music releases. Whether you are looking for an album artwork, spotify canvas, beat, or motion graphic to promote your music you can count on DSGFX to have a premium option available for you.

Premium service.

Here at DontSleepGFX we take pride in maintaning a high quality graphic design & digital asset service that artists can rely on to release their music. Here we make our standard to deliver all orders with accuracy and precision.

Top graphic designers.

We understand that when it comes to your music you want to work with the best of the best, especially when that comes to graphic designers who create your artwork. At DSGFX we are always looking for talented graphic designers worldwide to connect you with so that you can access their artwork and also network with them and build connections.

Service perfect for rappers.

Our service is perfect for rappers looking for unused mixtape cover art. Rappers can be certain if they shop for Exclusive unused rap covers from Dontsleepgfx they'll get the most bang for their buck. Unused album cover art can also be used for singles. Hip hop is a competitive sport and making diss tracks is apart of the game, get the best diss track cover art on Dontsleepgfx.  

These are some popular questions rappers have about cover art.

Where can I get song cover art?

If you're looking to get song cover art for your next music release here at Dontsleepgfx we have some of the best-premade cover art on the internet. Tap Here to see our Exclusive cover art, if the exclusives are out of your budget we also have templates available here. Once purchased our design team will start to work on your cover art and you'll receive an email with a JPG cover art, ready to be uploaded on all major streaming platforms.

How do you make a rap cover song? 

Our graphic design team and professional partners use various tools to make their rap cover art come to life. They use Adobe tools like photoshop and illustrator to design their artwork. If their working on rap motions they use Adobe after effects to turn their artwork into a move. If you're looking to convert your exisiting cover art into a motion, check out our service here. 

Can you get sued for cover art?

If your cover artwork is not original, contains company intellectual property or if you're copying another artist you can deinfetly be sued for your cover art. If you're looking for cover art and are worried about being sued, here at Dontsleepgfx we make sure to vet our artists to avoid plagerism, so you can purchase our cover art with confidence.